Herbal Hair Treatment

Herbal Hair Treatment


             Luxescalp Herbal Treatment BenefitsHerbs of Luxescalp Herbal Paste

Luxescalp hair care products have been developed from time-tested Ayurveda, which is one of the world’s oldest and greatest healthcare and medical science. Our product range is completely natural and biodegradable and has been formulated from organically grown, preservative-free, pure botanical extracts of plants, herbs and trees. No chemicals, No preservatives, No animal testing, No artificial colours, No fragrances and No petrochemicals.
Luxescalp uses the MOST premium herbs in the formulation of Herbal Paste. The herbs are all Ayurvedic plants that are handpicked by local forest communities, small scale farmers and artisans from the lower Himalayan ranges of the Shivalik Hills in Northern India. The land is untamed, unpredictable and undefined. It is a simple place that leaves enduring effects, perfect for growing herbs. Inseminated with majestic pine and deodar forests, rich fruit bearing orchards and organic terraced farming, the mysticism of nature’s perfection unravels right throughout the year, making it a suitable place for cultivating herbs and plants naturally without any pollutants. We follow good manufacturing practices and ensure that our esteemed customers are always in the safe hands of professionally trained trichologists. 
Developed with great care and tested by highly qualified trichologists for safety and conform to the standards set by EEC and FDA they are a product of years of research and commitment by Luxescalp. Our Herbal Hair Treatment helps to maintain healthy scalp and is also beneficial for individuals facing Scalp issues such as Hair Thinning, Hair Loss, Dandruff, Itchiness and Premature Grey Hair. Our specially formulated Herbal Paste helps to open pores and provides abundance of nutrients to the scalp which enables hair to grow.

                                                                                                   Luxescalp Herbal Hair Treatment Steps

Luxescalp Hair Treatment Process
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