Step Wise Guide To WFH Hair Care

Step Wise Guide To WFH Hair Care

Wake up, eat, work, eat, more work, sleep, repeat! Does this sound like a summary of the last few weeks when you had to work from home ? Then chances are that you haven't been able to squeeze in some time for haircare between numerous calls, continuous snacking, mounting deadlines, and late work hours. This shift in lifestyle can take a toll and show its effects on your hair.

With lockdown restrictions slowly being eased, heading back to the office is in sight for some, while for the rest, WFH will continue to be the norm. Whatever the case, it's time to restore your hair health and provide your mane with some care and attention so that you can rock those locks for your back-to-office look or your work-from-home Zoom calls.

We know following a routine for healthy and lustrous hair can seem like a task. But we mean it when we say 'A guide for WFH hair care'. We know how important your work is, so we have a low-maintenance and easy guide that can help in nourishing your mane and fostering healthy hair growth.

Limit your Hair Wash but Do it Right: It's true what they say - 'Less is More'. Limit your hair washes to 2-3 times a week and let the natural oil nourish your scalp. Use a mild, natural, and paraben-free shampoo like Luxescalp Menthol Shampoo that effectively cleanses excessive scalp sebum or residue.  Rinse it off with cold water, especially towards the end of the wash to seal the hair cuticles. This helps prevent split-ends, fizziness, and hair breakage.


Conditioning, A Must: Skipping this step is a strict no-no. Good and thorough conditioning is essential to provide the scalp with the moisture and strength it needs. Additionally, it also tames frizzy hair and adds a shine to your mane. Conditioners help hydrate and increase hair elasticity like the Luxescalp Conditioner which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for hair nourishment.

The Good Old Massage: Nothing says relaxation, rejuvenation, and hair health better than an oil massage. With work from home, you can now easily oil your hair whenever possible and not have to worry about stepping out with oily strands.

Massaging oil into the scalp nourishes the hair follicles, improves blood circulation, and promotes hair growth. Make sure to use an oil that is packed with nutrients like the Moringa oil by Luxe Scalp  which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins and is perfect for every hair type

Mask It: A little bit of mask goes a long way! If you are noticing concerns of dry, frizzy and damaged hair then a nourishing hair mask is the way to go. It can improve the health of your scalp and boost your hair strength.

Wondering what hair mask to get ? Try the Luxe Scalp Collagen Moisturizing mask that uses various natural plant extracts to improve the hair structure and strengthen the scalp against irritation and inflammation.  You can use it once a week or fortnight, depending on your hair condition.


Hair Treatment:

Imagine if you could not just pamper your tresses but also enrich them with healthy scalp and hair nourishment?

Well, imagine no more. With our Luxescalp hair treatment that is 100% herbal, organic, chemical-free, and environmentally-friendly, it’s time to turn that dream into a reality! Filled with the goodness of natural ingredients, this treatment is effective in strengthening the scalp to heal an array of problems like hair fall,  hair thinning, premature hair greying, dandruff, and more.

So, does your hair need a reason to wait ? No way! Because our Luxescalp center is now open (with all safety measures in place) to bring health to your hair and a smile to your face.

Book an appointment today and let our specialists pamper your hair with the luxury and care it deserves.